IMTAS, an IT management and consulting firm offering managed IT support solutions, received an award for one of the FBI’s Field Office Cable Support and Plant Infrastructure initiative to provide the installation of fiber optic and copper for the network horizontal cabling and distribution from the Telecommunications Rooms (TR) and the SCIF Telecommunications Room (SC-TR).
IMTAS launched its cabling and technology division in 2012. For the past eight years, we have provided substantial experience designing, installing, and testing A/V systems, as well as supporting critical cabling infrastructure for the FBI. IMTAS has successfully completed 13 FBI Triple S CSTOR Task Orders throughout the continental U.S.
“IMTAS is excited about our continued partnership with the FBI in supporting their enterprise infrastructure strategy. This task order will provide new and enhanced communication pathways and capabilities that will enable the FBI to meet its mission objectives,” said Ajay Bhatia, CEO of IMTAS. “The demand for better and more secure infrastructure continues to be part of the FBI expansion strategy to meet its ever-growing law enforcement and national security mandates. We are pleased to be able to offer our services in support of the FBI’s mandates.”
During the course of the contract, multiple floors of the Field Office infrastructure will be constructed. IMTAS will install the horizontal and backbone/riser low voltage fiber and copper cabling for the Communications Room (CR), Main Distribution Facility (MDF), Telephone Equipment Room (TER), and the SCIF Telecommunications Room (SC-TR). Required cable conveyances will be installed to support all new cabling infrastructure. The facility cable plant will be distributed to all classified and unclassified workstations and wall outlets within the renovated floors.
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IMTAS originated 28 years ago as a Small Disadvantaged Business with the objective of providing specialized solutions to enterprises in Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Program Management. Our experienced team makes sure to deliver custom-made services and best-suited business solutions to our respective clients. We excel in specialized services in enterprise Information Technology, Telecommunications, and Program Management. Our dynamic performance has established us as a trustworthy partner among our clients. Our experience of 28 years serving esteemed clients and the federal government has built us into an institution of excellence in Information Technology and other related areas. We believe in an integrity-proven, ethical, and common-sense approach for providing high-quality services that meet our 90+ customers’ expectations. Maximizing innovative solutions is our mission in providing products of value to our clients and ensuring success by leveraging learned lessons and mature processes.

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